Saturday, October 31, 2020

 is this truth or fiction or a combination but it seems to be a compilation of kamala stories that you might find interesting at least;

Early in her political career in the 1990s, Kamala Harris had the backing of California’s wealthiest families that control the state’s Democrat political machine.

“At splashy weddings, charity balls and all the right restaurants, she hobnobbed with San Francisco’s moneyed elite — and made lasting allies who backed her at every stage of her political career,” senior staff reporter at Politico Michael Kruse wrote in August 2019.

The article begins by describing the 1999 Napa wedding of Vanessa Jarman to oil heir Billy Getty as lavish and “replete with red carpet, hundreds of flickering votives,” a “fair amount of wine,” and a “168-person guest list stocked with socialites and scions, philanthropists and other assorted glitterati.”

Among “the coterie of the chosen” was Kamala Harris, a 34-year-old prosecutor who had just 18 months under her belt at the San Francisco district attorney’s office.

“And she wasn’t just some celebrity’s all but anonymous plus-one,” Kruse wrote. “She was featured in the photo coverage of the hot-ticket affair, smiling wide, decked out in a dark gown with a drink in hand.” more......

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