Friday, October 30, 2020

caitlin streams of consciousness present lots of short items i suggest you consider and think about how much you support these items, and they aren't good things to do;


If your ideology requires slow incremental change while humanity hurtles toward extinction, you don’t have an ideology. You have a pastime while waiting for armageddon.


The Corbyn antisemitism psyop was exceptional in that it wasn’t just the political/media class knowingly promoting a lie, but members of the rank-and-file public as well. Countless Brits knew it was a lie, but they helped sell it anyway because they didn’t like his politics.


You won’t stop fascism by electing Joe Biden, you’ll just help make sure it uses racially sensitive language while stomping on your face.


Yeah, vote Biden or else the government which destroys any nation that disobeys it might start sliding into tyranny.


It should not be a big deal to talk about Biden being corrupt. His entire career is made up of decisions that would only be made by someone who serves the interests of corporations, banks and war profiteers. You don’t do that because of your moral compass, you do it for funding.

And I mean sure the type of corruption I’m talking about here may be “legal”, but that just means corruption is legal in America. That’s not an argument that Joe Biden is not corrupt, it’s just something that urgently needs to more......

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