Friday, October 23, 2020

 provided me with a bit of a grin as well did this post;

This made me smile

I always write down contact info for the surveys I take and often send emails to the survey providers to set them straight. Yesterday I was very frustrated and sent the following email:

I am a 53 year old woman with an associates degree and regularly take surveys. This morning I was happy to agree to take your survey after reading that there are no right or wrong answers because you are only seeking opinions. As I proceeded to take the survey I came to a question about my political affiliation. I checked the box marked “other” and typed in “Bill of Rights”. After this I was rejected from the survey. Is it your opinion that American nationals must be either democrat or republican? If so, I am afraid you have been misled. 

Visit for truth.

Have a nice day,

A short time later I received this response:

I am so sorry for the confusion that may have caused. The survey is set up to ensure representation across different demographic groups: We paid Qualtrics to make sure that our final participants have the same demographic makeup of the United States. What this means is that the issue is not that you need to be a Democrat or Republican, but that we already have enough people in the “other” category. Excluding people once a quota is met is just a way for Qualtrics to make sure they aren’t paying for more data than we asked for.

We definitely are interested in perspectives like yours, it’s just that we already met that quota before you opted in. I am really sorry if we gave the impression that we aren’t.

Be well!

This brought a smile to my face because it shows that people have woken up to the deception of the political parties and the majority do not follow them. Have a great day!......

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