Saturday, October 24, 2020

 i post this with the intro provided and its a most curious thing we're seeing this 'election'. the dems really can't be serious putting this guy up as their candidate in opposition to the orange man;

I think some of these blunders are real and some of them are just Joe knows he supposed to lose so why should he give a fuck about trying that hard. Seriously if people believe that politics is real and not scripted with the Democratic party floating out a man in his 80s to beat another elderly man Trump in his 70s, I mean you get what you deserve. If politics was the real deal, the Democratic party would get a young charismatic congressman or senator to run against Trump. This is so laughable. The U.S. Presidential Election always gives you two bad choices and it doesn't matter which wizard you choose because you still get the same black magick con know as government. I wouldn't be surprised if there is one more big fuck up planned for Joe Biden right before the election to seal it for Trump.....

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