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Saturday, October 1, 2022

 an average day of 'law enforcement' in the zionist criminal enterprise known as israel, ain't what your tv would have you believe;

A seven-year-old Palestinian boy died on Thursday when his heart stopped, allegedly after being chased and frightened by Israeli soldiers as they raided his home. 

Rayan Yasser Suleiman, 7, was pronounced dead on Thursday afternoon at the Beit Jala Governmental Hospital, shortly after he fell unconscious near his home in the town of Tuqu’ in the southern occupied West Bank. 

Rayan’s family says that his heart stopped and he collapsed to the ground after he ran in fear from Israeli army soldiers who were raiding his home in search of alleged “stone-throwers” in the town. 

“Yesterday, the Israeli soldiers said that a few children threw stones at them in the village,” Muhammad Adel Suleiman, 27, Rayan’s cousin told Mondoweiss on Friday, just hours after young Rayan was laid to rest in the village. 

Muhammad said there was nothing happening in the village at the time, “no clashes, nothing,” when Israeli soldiers raided homes in the town, claiming they had stones thrown at them by some local boys. ........more........

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