Thursday, July 28, 2022

 if you support israel this article covers some of the crimes you enable;

We have lived through more than a month of live-fire military exercises with inside Masafer Yatta following an Israeli High Court decision on May 4.

U.S. President Joe Biden has spoken clearly of his commitment to human rights since he began his presidency, and we had hoped that he would at least acknowledge what could soon become the largest forced displacement of Palestinians ever since 1967 during his recent visit to Palestine. However, the day before President Biden landed in Tel Aviv, the Israeli army canceled live ammunition training in our villages for the duration of his visit. It is now clear for everyone to see that the only time the daily injustices against us are paused is when it helps the US administration to ignore its complicity in the violation of our human rights.

Make no mistake, the danger is real: last week, bullets from a machine gun reached the roof of a family’s house in the village of Halat al-Dab’a.

The High Court ruled in favor of the Israeli military and gave it the green light to turn our native land into a military training zone, potentially leading to our forced displacement. Almost immediately, tanks  flattened our agricultural lands and soldiers fired artillery bombs, while setting up practice targets that they riddled liberally with bullets from within farmers’ fields.........more...........

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