Wednesday, July 27, 2022

 i'd say this is somewhat like a drowning individual refusing the rescuing hand for being politically incorrect;

When the militia arrived in the small Sierra foothills town of Mariposa, California, to assist with evacuation efforts amid a fast-spreading wildfire, not all residents were pleased by the appearance of ordinary citizens dressed in military fatigues. 

Over the weekend, about 150 California State Militia 2nd Regiment members, including 20 local ones and others from surrounding counties, assisted with evacuations efforts. The group also fed dozens of displaced households. 

"We're part of the community.

"We're watching our own community burn down, and even though a lot of the members that came to help, they're spread out, we're all part of the same unit, and this is what we do," militia member Daniel Latner, who lives in Mariposa County, told The Mercury News.

 As of Tuesday, the wildfire, dubbed "Oak Fire," burned 18,000 acres across Mariposa County and was only 26% contained. .......more..........

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