Tuesday, July 26, 2022

 every day the empire commits crimes against its citizens without repercussion because you're busy watching video;

Bird-in-Hand, PA — Amos Miller and his family has been running Miller’s Organic Farm for over a century, providing willing and highly satisfied customers with milk, chicken, beef, and eggs. All of the food coming from Miller’s farm is beyond organic, humanely raised in a non-factory setting and the animals treated with dignity as they spend their entire lives naturally and stress-free out on pasture. By any moral standard, Miller’s farm is the leading example of what farming in America should look like.

Unfortunately, because Miller uses humane techniques and treats his animals well, this has put a government target on his back. Recently, federal Judge Edward G. Smith, imposed sanctions on his farm, ordering the family farm to pay over $250,000 in fines or go to jail. Because the Millers don’t use the USDA factory farm methods, this makes them non-compliant and thus an enemy of the state.

“In order to effect defendants’ future compliance, by making them aware of the seriousness of their violations and the consequences for future violations, defendants are ordered to pay to the United States, within 30 days of the date of entry of this Order — and pursuant to written instructions that the United States will provide to defendants—a fine of $250,000, or face further monetary and other penalties, possibly including imprisonment of Amos Miller,” the order says.

This nightmare started 6 years ago and is continuing today. According to Miller, his family has been unable to continue farming as the USDA has shut him down. Miller has appealed every decision as his farm has never received a single complaint from a customer.

“We would also like to be stocking our freezer shelves with pork, beef, chicken, turkey, etc., but the USDA is absolutely not allowing us to do that,” Miller said last week. “The sad situation here is the head of law enforcement agency has acknowledged *on record* that he is not that familiar with the constitution and he has the judge on his side. To my knowledge, the judge announced that the constitution doesn’t apply in our situation.”.......more........

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