Friday, July 29, 2022

 i don't understand how the 'white house' and their minions refuse to acknowledge the harm they complain about in dc is what they're subjecting the rest of the country to, aside from the illegal aspects of 'joe biden' failing to enforce the laws of the border;

The White House slammed Republican governors on Thursday for using migrants as a ‘political pawn’ by bussing them to Washington, D.C., after the city’s mayor called for the National Guard to help.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said the influx had caused a ‘humanitarian crisis.’

But the issue quickly spiralled into a political row as Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office said the nation’s capital was now experiencing the sort of problems that Texans saw every day.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said officials talking with Bowser about the request.

‘We have been in regular touch with Mayor Bowser and her team,’ she said at her daily briefing.

‘And I said this before … about Republicans using migrants as a political tool, and that is shameful and that is just wrong.

‘There is a process in place for managing migrants at the border. This is not it.’

She said migrants should be expelled under Title 42, or transferred into custody, or placed in the care of local organizations for proper processing.

‘So what Republicans are doing, the way that they’re meddling in the process and using migrants as a political pawn, is just wrong,’ she added.........more.........

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