Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 mr peters presents some promising evidence that the crash test dummy may have been defeated on his 'jab' mandate though its perhaps too soon to know;

The Biden Thing must be chewing the rug at the ersatz Oval Office by now. The news having reached his hearing aides that the Big Three have backed down on their prior threat to require Jabs in order for union employees to keep their jobs.

They will, however, continue to demoralize them – and pressure them to receive the anointing – by requiring the Unjabbed to “mask” forever, amen. And salaried employees who haven’t got a union to protect their interests against the corporation’s interests still face the Sophie’s choice – their health or their job.

According to Reuters, about 80 percent of GM, Ford and Stellantis (the combine that includes Dodge, Chrysler, Ram trucks and Jeep) have chosen the former for the sake of keeping the latter. It’s the kind of choice no person in a free society ought to be forced to make – precisely because it means we no longer live in a free society.

Some will say: But no one is forced to work for these companies; they are free to choose to not work there, if the terms and conditions seem objectionable to them. This is an imbecility that ought not to require deconstruction but does – precisely because there are a lot of imbeciles on the loose.

In the first place, these terms and conditions do not flow freely – without duress. They flow from Washington, which is applying the duress.

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