If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for their wars on everyone. as gore vidal said: i'm not a conspiracy theorist, i'm a conspiracy observer.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

below i post a video link and preceeding comment sent by a friend. the video is about twenty minutes long;

America, "The United States" was founded as a Constitutional Republic.  However, we have been "brainwashed" to believe we are a DEMOCRACY, which is rule by the MAJORITY.  A quip which has been told many times defines this situation:  "Two wolves and a sheep voting for which one will be their dinner."  This does not work out well for the sheep.
Ask most Americans today, and they will say, "We live in a "Democracy".  That's BRAINWASHING.  Yet, all their lives they "pledge to the United States...."and to the REPUBLIC' for which it stands.....".  That's "cognitive dissonance".

The "Endgame" of The "New World Order" is elimination of ALL the Races....to a "muddy brown":....mainly, elimination of the White Race:

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