Tuesday, May 31, 2022

 the author titled this: some random thoughts on the uvalde massacre;

This post is just a series of unstructured observations on the recent mass shooting in Texas. The scandalous performance of the police is the standout issue for me. Report a racist insult emanating from a crowd of 60,000 football supporters and the police will swing into action, sirens blazing, while their colleagues back at the station analyse gigabytes of film footage to identify the culprit. During the scamdemic police relentlessly hunted down the unvaxxed and the unmasked. Or if parents ask awkward questions at a school board meeting we can be assured that the cops will drag them out into the street and probably charge them with a public order offence. But it’s a different matter when it comes to protecting the law-abiding ordinary citizen. Your house has been burgled? Sorry, we’re busy tracking down hate speech offenders. Get on to your insurers. BLM burning down your neighbourhood? Cops stand idly by.

But God Almighty, has there even been anything like what we saw here? The cops skulked outside the school for 40 minutes as a deranged shooter blazed away at teachers and students inside. But it’d be unfair to say that they did nothing. When one of the mothers, apparently armed, tried to get into the school to save her kids the cops cuffed her and flung her to the ground. Heckuva job guys. But there’s method in their madness because the cops and their masters fear most of all citizens taking responsibility for their own defense. ‘Law enforcement’ will sit around ignoring real crime but will be galvanised into action at the first hint of vigilante-style activity. Their greatest fear is an aroused and armed citizenry. (But on the other hand cops are walking on eggshells if and when the perp is a POC.) You’d almost imagine that TPTB were trying to engineer societal collapse so as to Build Back Better. Now there’s a thought!.......read more.......

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