Tuesday, March 29, 2022

 the video rebel who i've yet to see make any incorrect statement tells you in this essay how the klaus schwab gang will be moving to own you and how they intend to do so;

We have been told by the Woke crowd that we should be prepared to accept the Great Reset. The participants of the World Economic Forum at Davos tell us in just 8 years we will no longer own homes, cars and appliances. We won’t even own the clothes we wear. We will rent them from billionaires. They say we will be happy in our tres chic poverty.

If you remember watching The Bridge Over the River Kwai, the Japanese commandant quoted one of his generals telling the British and Americans POWs you must be happy in your work.

The Powers That Ought Not To Be think they can make us happy with short food rations at high prices even after they have forced us to sell our homes, cars, appliances, furniture and jewelry plus cash in our savings and investments to buy food, pay our utilities and get enough gas to commute to work.

Klaus Schwab says in the near future we will be implanted with microchips in either our brain or under our skin that will integrate the physical, digital and biological worlds. Think of the chip in your brain as an AI assistant. Today you have to pick up a phone to call home. In the Klaus Schwab’s future, your boss can call you in your sleep and wake you up because you will not be allowed to turn off the phone inside your body to calls from your superiors.

Today if you want to be lied to you can turn CNN on and listen to Jen Psaki. In 8 short years you can see CNN 24 hours a day whenever your attention is not needed at work. Think of it! No down time. You will be the best human you can possibily be in the eyes of the Woke crowd......read and watch more....

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