Thursday, November 30, 2023

 your senate in action: verdict first, trial second;

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing about the “gun violence crisis” they say is underway. But despite multiple dogged attempts to get their own witnesses to support their calls for still more gun control laws, the Democrats failed.

During the opening, not only Democratic Senator Durbin, but ostensibly Republican Senator John Cornyn managed to put their put their true anti-gun colors on full display. In a crazy, but not surprising moment, Cornyn even says that last year’s federal gun control law that he made possible was “a good start” and didn’t violate people’s right to keep and bear arms.

But, what was more interesting was what the chosen witnesses didn’t say. During their initial testimonies, the subject matter experts selected by the Democrat side notably didn’t advocate for gun control laws. Instead, they focused on doing things designed to help bring peace to communities.

Rather than call for more Second Amendment restrictions, they focused on root causes like poverty, unemployment, and drug addiction, while trying to interrupt the cycle of gang violence and retaliation. These programs seem to be helping with the problem in some cases and — much to the chagrin of the gun control industry and Democrats — they don’t require still more gun control laws to show some improvement.

So instead of listening to the experts they invited, the gun control crowd…talked over them. Instead of helping forward the anti-gun agenda as they were expected to do, they getting in the way by making it a political issue and making better funding for rights-respecting programs controversial. It seems that the experts believe that if legislators would drop their never-ending gun control push and instead fund anti-violence and mental health programs, things would work better and fewer people would die.

This isn’t to say the Democrats’ experts aren’t fans of gun control (some of them clearly are), but the fact that they didn’t push for that during their limited allotted time before the committee — and that one even expressed overt disapproval of New Mexico Governor Lujan-Grisham’s phony public health order — speaks volumes.

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