Thursday, November 30, 2023

 i've seen bits presented indicating that hamas has planned their campaign very carefully and included in those plans the idea that the zionists response would be so nasty it would reveal the true nature of israel, which has been one result and here is some exploration of the blowback;

In less than two months, the soaring death rate in Gaza has now surpassed 15,000. The slaughter of Palestinians is recognized by UN experts as “genocidal incitement.” Israel nor the US never anticipated the global pushback against the Israeli carnage in Gaza. As of late, even the Mockingbird Mainstream Media outlets are turning against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime in its brutal assault on the Palestinian civilian population living in Gaza. With virtually the whole world watching via social media, the New York Times reported on November 25th that Israel’s bloodbath is killing innocent civilians at an unprecedented “historic pace” with over 10,000 women and children slaughtered so far.   

The Jewish State’s appalling record violence is turning into a PR disaster for Netanyahu. A fast growing number of Israeli leaders, including ex-security chiefs, current opposition leader Yair Lapid and now two former prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak are all calling for Bibi’s removal and formation of a new government to end this no-win war. 

On Sunday November 26th, the Washington Post exposed Benjamin Netanyahu’s symbiotic relationship with Hamas. On the one hand, he’s often claimed to want to destroy the “terrorist” group Hamas over many years, yet has helped finance Hamas and used this Palestinian militant faction to divide and rule Palestinians as a politically disunited people. By breaking up Palestine and its token Palestinian authorities in the West Bank separate from East Jerusalem and the Hamas stronghold in Gaza, it ensures Israeli apartheid subjugation and control continues, all the while denying them their own sovereign nation-state. The WaPo exposé includes drawing on Israeli insiders. Dahlia Scheindlin, an Israeli pollster and political analyst, stated:  

With no unified [Palestinian] leadership, [Netanyahu] was able to say he couldn’t move forward with peace negotiations. It allowed him to say, ‘There is no one to talk to.’ 

Netanyahu biographer Anshel Pfeffer maintains: 

Netanyahu always felt that the Palestinian conflict was a distraction being used as a wedge issue in Israel. .........more.......

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